Address: 6782 Mórahalom Nagy Imre u. 31.
Capacity: 4 szeméy
Phone number: +36703874130
NTAK reg number: MA19018827
Host name: Farkasné Mágori Judit
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Our guesthouse is located in the northern part of Mórahalom, 1,5 km away from the famous Erzsébet Spa in Mórahalom on the way to Zákányszék. The guesthouse was opened in September 2008.


The guesthouse is made up of a separate building:

  • 1 room (double bed, collapsible couch),
  • equipped kitchen (oven, refrigerator, microwave oven, kitchen appliances, coffee machine, tea kettle, water boiler, dishes, cutlery),
  • a separate, equipped bathroom (with towels, a tub),
  • a dining room.

Opening hours: We are ready to accept guests throughout the year.

House room: The place has comfortable room for 2+2 people.

Catering: Self-catering.

The guesthouse also has a covered terrace, also opportunity for parking and cooking in a cauldron in the yard. We provide peace and calm for our Dear Guests with an established green zone.

6782 Mórahalom Nagy Imre u. 31.

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