Address: 6792 Zsombó, Ménesjárás dűlő 15/1.
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Halfway between Zsombó and the border of Forráskút, next to the driveway, stands neo-classical Királyszéki school built in 1904. On the way to Forráskút from Zsombó, to the left side of the driveway from Majsa, are the Dózsa vineyards, originally called Átokháza. This is how the old kun name is still guarded, nowadays the original village location is unknown. In 1719 the population has left the area, but was later re-populated by jász settlers. Farms were marked out along the road to Bordány. The whole area here is called Dorosma prairie which was later renamed to Ménesjárás. In 1745 Queen Maria Theresa allowed the jászkun’s self-redemption. The people involved in the redeeming the properties were called redemptus. The farm areas became private properties, while the Ménesjárás prairie became common property. The common property, the prairie was later ceased and divided by the redemptus in 1898-’99. With the increase in population, there was a need for land that was adequate for growing food, producing profit. With a lot of hard work and sweat the prairie was turned to cultivated land. The owners spread the sand dunes, spread them out evenly, mostly manual labor. Usually a land and soil nearby was used for the farm houses to be built. The new settlers’’ and the people living on the farms, their children had would have to walk 5-6 km on foot to the otherwise overpopulated school. The building of a new school has become essential.

In 1906/1907 the school year was opened by Ferenc Radó, certified teacher. The school was called: III. Mixed People’s National Elementary School in the Kiskundorozsma area. In the 1911/1912 school year the classes 1-6 had 70, while the repeating class has 31 pupils. In the 1930s the school has taken on the name of a local born ancient historian, János Jerney. After 1945 it was called the Majsai road School, later followed by the name of András Újhelyi, who was the late teacher of the school and was a directory member in 1919 and was killed by the white guardsmen. The ceased school building was once used as a sewing house, and later became private property. In 2008 the Municipality Council of Zsombó bought it back for community- and tourism purposes.

In 2010 the front of the building has been renovated in the original style, they’ve managed to save the consistency, and in 2013/2014 the building underwent an interior renovation as well, where they were able to keep the original organization, but made possibilities for new functions in the rooms as well. 

The building has been re-established as a local youth center with educational-, leisure-, touristic- and community goals, and a service area was also created which made it possible to connect the building into the local “Blue tour” touring route, to satisfy the accommodation needs of those on tour, organizing family and community events, and also provides an opportunity for local children and children coming from other villages for couple of day long stay and participate in forest school programs as close to nature as possible.

6792 Zsombó, Ménesjárás dűlő 15/1.

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